My Soul Finds Rest


This is the story of how I used to play the piano, but now I don’t.

Of how I used to like the Bible, but now I love it.

Of how God changed my plans and passions.

And of how I came to write here at

It’s a story of pain.

And a story of redemption.

Because God’s power is best seen in those who are weak.

This is my story.

Special thanks to the elders and story team at Fellowship Church of Louisville.
Music: “My Soul Finds Rest (Psalm 62)” by Stuart Townend & Aaron Keyes.

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2 thoughts on “My Soul Finds Rest

  1. What an incredible story you have shared! The Lord works in amazing ways. To Him be all Glory! The music of the song of life He is composing in your heart is so beautiful, and it is accompanied by His melody of love for you. May your soul be continually refreshed in knowing His will is perfect, His grace is sufficient, and His love is everlasting. Sweet Blessings to you!

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