Why the Scrooge in Me is Leaving

If you know me very well, you know Christmas music is not my thing. Certainly not before Thanksgiving. Most definitely not after Christmas. Same with Christmas decorations. Except that it’s such a pain to put up a Christmas tree, artificial or not, the sneeze-inducing thing must be on display for at least a full month to … More Why the Scrooge in Me is Leaving

I Dare Not Walk Alone

About two years ago, I packed my survival kit {notebook, colored pencils, maps, and songs} and took off on a journey: choose a passage, print it out, read it over and over again for several months, use every creative means possible to learn it well and soak it up, meet weekly with friends who are … More I Dare Not Walk Alone

should Christians tithe?

You’ve heard all the sermons and attended all the financial seminars. They all tell you the same thing. If you aren’t giving 10% of your gross income to the church, you’re a disobedient Christian. I’ll believe it when I see it. Let’s ask some questions. Sixty-six books of material ought to give us something. Malachi … More should Christians tithe?

where is justice?

Something changed. In your past, you were religious. You did what was right, and you looked good. And no one knew the difference. And then, unbeknownst to you, apathy began its slow and silent work. Though you would hardly admit it, you started to care less. The lives of irreligious people began to appeal. Somehow, these people … More where is justice?

who the messenger is

This weekend, I did two things. {Two pertaining to this post, that is.} One, I watched the comments on the previous post, “Who is the Messenger?” climb from 0 to 1 {the 2nd comment was mine, so it doesn’t count}. Good job, guys. I’ll assume that means all 70+ of you who viewed the previous post are … More who the messenger is