I Am Afraid of the Future

If I’m really honest, I’m afraid of tomorrow. And really, all my fears show up in that one perpetual, relentless fear. I. Am. Afraid. Of. The. Future. I’m afraid of what lies ahead. And I’m afraid of what may lie ahead. I am afraid of the unknown. I’m afraid the years will go by too quickly. … More I Am Afraid of the Future

Who Formed You From the Womb

Every week, I see fatherless babies. Wrapped in the life-giving frame of their hopeless mommies. And I wonder . . . With aching heart, I wonder at her story. The absence of a father. The addictions of a mother. The attention of a so-called “lover.” Trauma. Abuse. Abandonment. Ignorance. A lie-infested culture which has so … More Who Formed You From the Womb

Withering Grass

Lawn care, of all things, has given me perspective. An unwanted glimpse down an insanely steep slope, to be exact. Rope in hand, tied to mower, my terrified, gloved self holding on for dear life. My second attempt may have involved taking pictures for the lawn service we’re hiring. So it is that I’ve become … More Withering Grass