If I’m Honest

The cross is weird to me, if I’m honest. I’ve heard the explanations a thousand times. I know the stories. I’m familiar with the symbolism. I’ve sung the songs, worn the necklaces, had the Hobby Lobby art plastered to my walls. But if I’m honest, I don’t really know what to do with the cross. … More If I’m Honest

Why “I Believe the Bible” Is Not Enough

“I believe the Bible.” It’s a common claim, professed by Christians and non-Christians alike. For those who hold the Bible high and love it deeply, the label would seem quite noble. In an age where many would seek to minimize the Bible’s teachings or throw out the Scriptures altogether, “I believe the Bible” is bold … More Why “I Believe the Bible” Is Not Enough

Never Forget

Legal. The news was nothing new. Yet it made my bones quiver. And my spine shiver. And my heart quake. Such unspeakable horror. That I wept. What was happening to my world? A world. Where compassion is a lost art. Justice, an abandoned cause. Where mommies kill their babies. And leaders simply applaud. How do … More Never Forget