5 Reasons Children’s Bible Stories are Dangerous

Veggie Tales may have been your childhood Bible teacher if . . . you think David’s sheep had frequent fainting spells, and Joshua’s army was bombed with purple slushies. Believe it or not, I am a huge fan of Veggie Tales, Adventures in Odyssey, and the like. I’ve seen and heard most all the episodes more… More 5 Reasons Children’s Bible Stories are Dangerous

When Hope Fails

Apparently I’m weird because I’m drawn to stories of suffering. Authentic accounts of men and women of God who endured – these are the books and movies I’ll gladly choose to fill my time. There’s just something about real people experiencing loss, finding no relief, or giving up their lives that makes me want to… More When Hope Fails

Covered By Love

If everyone would just stop talking about “sin” and start “loving” one another . . . This sin-love exchange encapsulates the unfortunate, detrimental message of our culture. Maybe a long history of increasing tolerance got us there. Maybe hardened hearts and worldly mindsets paved the way. Or maybe we’ve simply misunderstood the message of the… More Covered By Love