Lord, Please Distract Me

Aren’t distractions annoying? You know what I’m talking about . . . You’re scanning social media and getting caught up on all the gossip, but you can’t seem to concentrate because of that Bible sitting over there on the shelf. The next thing you know, you’ve completely ignored all incoming notifications for the past half hour. The Bible … More Lord, Please Distract Me

Changed by Meditation

As one who questions yoga and all things remotely New Age, meditation scares me. Meditation: Enjoying an indestructible sense of well-being. Directing awareness inward until pure awareness is achieved. Inducing a mode of consciousness as an end in itself. An internal effort to self-regulate the mind. I’m sorry, but if that is meditation, you’ll find me running in the opposite … More Changed by Meditation

That Which Remains

It’s a silent night, yet all is noisy. The chirps of crickets clash with the clanging cymbals in my head. I find little rest and mostly confusion. What should be a calming aroma of peace as I gladly sit and think and pour out my soul is, for the time being, an apparent sea of wreckage. All is … More That Which Remains