For the Road


As you embark on your journey, may I suggest a few things?
Maps, clues, or weapons? Maybe a few songs to sing?
May these guide you to great wisdom. May they lead you in the right.
That the Word will be to you a joy and bring you true delight.


  • Bible Project – Summary posters for every book of the Bible.
  • Glory Designs – Committed to bringing the beauty and power of the Word of God into your homes, workplaces, and on your phones through high quality designs.
  • Life Verse Design – Creating Scripture art by combining stunning sepia-toned photography, collaging techniques, and encouraging words.
  • Mercy INK – Scripture-inspired art for the home.
  • Par la Grace – Adding touches to everyday life as reminders of God’s presence and grace.
  • Printable Wisdom – Bringing words of wisdom to life with hand lettering and Southern style.
  • To Such As These – Scripture chalkboard art.
  • Verses ProjectVisual art that helps people memorize and meditate on Scripture.
  • Year 27 – Scripture doodles and memory charts.



  • The Greatest Book You’ve {N}Ever Read by Marjorie Jackson – Why the Bible is not only exciting . . . but it will change your life!
  • The Well-Versed Family by Caroline Boykin – This one-of-a-kind resource makes Bible memory doable – with proven memory tips and tools, engaging games and activities, quick family demos, 90 memory verse cards, and more!
  • Who Says You Can’t Memorize?! by Barbara Bormuth Witt – A Bible memory book written for kids, with easy instructions and delightful illustrations.

SONGS – Verbatim

  • Fighter Verse Songs – Five sets of word-for-word Scripture songs to enhance memory work.
  • G.T. and the Halo Express – A musical scripture memory series for kids of all ages.
  • Hidden in My Heart Lullabies – Quality, timeless music that impacts lives and turns hearts toward Christ.
  • Indelible Project: James – Music that will etch the Word and character of God on the hearts of His people. This album presents the entire book of James verbatim.
  • Jude’s Benediction – The final two verses of the book of Jude, set to music by an unknown composer.
  • Plead – Psalms 35-37 composed, arranged, and performed by Jim Orrick.
  • Psalm 119The entirety of Psalm 119 set to music verbatim to aid Scripture memory.
  • Psalm 119The entirety of Psalm 119 set to music verbatim, NKJV, by Charles Cipiel.
  • Psalms for Worship Today – Psalms 27-34 composed, arranged, and performed by Jim Orrick.
  • Rain for Roots – A collective of songwriters, young mothers, and friends who came together around a single vision to make new scripture songs for children.
  • Scripture Songs for Worship – Word-for-word Scripture songs by Esther Mui, suitable for worship and effective for memorizing and meditating on the Word of God.
  • Seeds Family Worship – Modern and relevant word-for-word Scripture songs and resources for families.
  • Slugs & Bugs: Sing the Bible – Two volumes of Scripture songs for families.
  • Songs for SaplingsTeach your little ones the Word of God as they study their ABCs and numbers.
  • Spencer Family MusicA family band that will delight your heart and encourage your soul. Two Scripture albums, and one on the way, to help kids, and the whole family, memorize God’s Word. 
  • The Corner Room – Scripture-song albums from the ministry of Cahaba Park Church, Birmingham, Alabama, including a 3-movement, 12-minute suite from 1 Corinthians 13.
  • The Rizers – A band that sings Scripture verses in the form of upbeat, kid-friendly music.
  • Truth Songs – Bible verse songs for grown-ups with unforgettable, high-quality melodies.
  • Tumbling Sky: Psalms for Weary Souls – An album of Psalm songs by Matt Searles aimed at helping people engage with God even whilst walking through dark valleys.
  • Verses Project – Musical art that helps people memorize and meditate on Scripture.

SONGS – Paraphrase

  • Mary’s Magnificat – Mary’s Song (Luke 1:46-55) set to music by Keith and Kristyn Getty.
  • Thou, O LordA setting of Psalm 3 by Lisa Ireland, arranged by Carol Cymbala, and performed by the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir.
  • To The Only GodAn adaptation of the Jude Benediction by Chris Tomlin, performed by Shane & Shane and David Crowder.

SONGS – Concept

  • All Those Who Are WeepingPsalm 126 presented by Bifrost Arts.
  • As Long As I LiveA setting of Psalm 63 by The Sing Team.
  • Grace Has ComeSongs from the book of Romans by Sovereign Grace Music.
  • Hold Us FastSongs by Immanuel Music based on Psalms 1-5.
  • Psallos: The Romans Project – A concept album based on all sixteen chapters of Paul’s epistle to the church at Rome. 
  • PsalmsA collection of Psalm settings by Sandra McCracken.
  • Psalms II – Texas-based worship leaders Shane Everett and Shane Barnard explore single chapters from the Old Testament over the course of a dozen songs.
  • Satisfied in You – A setting of Psalm 42 by The Sing Team.
  • Simple Living – The story of the Rich Young Ruler {with reflections} set to music by Keith and Kristyn Getty.


  • Bible Project – Exploring the entire biblical narrative through short, 5-minute, animated videos designed to help you understand the structure and themes of the Bible.
  • Big Story – A 5-minute video on the big story of the Bible by The Gospel Project Chronological.
  • David & GoliathA familiar story retold by kids from What’s in the Bible?
  • JonahA familiar story retold by a young girl.
  • Keep Looking – A short clip by Desiring God illustrating the life-changing secret to reading the Bible.
  • Look at the BookJohn Piper’s ongoing series of 8-12 minute videos to help you learn to read the Bible for yourself.
  • Old Testament in 8 MinutesA zoomed-out overview of the entire Old Testament.
  • Psalm Songs, Vol I – Creative music videos to Psalm settings by The Corner Room.
  • Psalm 23A most precious quotation of a beloved Psalm by a very young girl.
  • Seeds Family Worship – Modern and relevant word-for-word Scripture songs and resources for families.
  • SuperbookA Children’s animated Bible series.
  • Truth Songs – Bible verse songs for grown-ups with unforgettable, high-quality melodies.
  • What’s in the Bible?Bringing the entire Bible to life for families, from Genesis to Revelation.
  • WordBoardShort summaries of parts of the Bible using whiteboard art.



  • 52 Scriptures Every Kid Should Know – Free printables from Faith Gateway.
  • Biblical BackgroundsMap resources to help you learn to read the Bible in its land.
  • Dig Into the WordA practical, thought provoking, online video course with Jefferson Bethke that will help you read the Bible with more clarity, excitement, and freshness.
  • Fighter Verses – A 5-year Bible memory program which is designed to encourage believers to fight the fight of faith through memorizing God’s Word.
  • Scripture Memory System – An easy-to-use system designed to help families develop the habit of memorizing and remembering Scripture.
  • The Dig for Kids – A simple and easy way for parents to study through books of the Bible with their children.
  • Types of Bible Translations – A helpful chart to consult as you choose a Bible translation.
  • Word of PromiseAn Audio Bible and Study Bible dramatized by an all-star cast of actors. Produced with state of the art audio technology, including sound effects and an original musical score.

Most of the above taglines are adapted from their respective links.
The resources in this list are provided as suggestions for Scripture saturation.
Their inclusion here does not necessarily indicate full endorsement.