jude’s benediction notated

Not far into my recent exposure to many well-done, word-for-word Scripture-songs, it occurred to me that this beloved musical setting of the Jude benediction, which I have known for almost ten years, could be included in that list.

I sang this simple tune every evening for two months with almost 100 people. I know it well. But I’ve never been able to find it in print or online or identify its composer. I recall someone saying it was recommended by Elisabeth Elliot. That’s the extent of my knowledge.

Being the musician that I am, with a unique and steadfast love for notation, and having no access to the likes of Finale, I decided to write out what I remembered. Thus the melody line below. I added the chords, because a pianist must have something to play. My apologies to the composer, should the progression not adhere to the original.

It is most satisfyingly sung a cappella, with a subtle, pure harmony-line appearing at the end of each phrase ad lib.

This copy {click on the image for larger print} is attributed to its anonymous composer. Minus the rather hurried, rugged representation via pencil and scrap staff paper, for which I take complete blame. I mean, somehow the key signature appears after the time signature. What is that?

The final two verses of Jude, KJV.


Pause and reflect.

For here, we sing of the One who is able and to the One who is wise.

And, with thankfulness for this One and only Savior, we forever sing glory.

[image credit: journeyoftheword.com]

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