psalms in song

My search for Scripture songs has led me to some true musical treasures.

Over nine years ago, when I first met Jim Orrick, I quickly became aware of his vast talents, musically and otherwise. Trust me. You’ve never met a deeply humble, devoted man of God who is also a pastor, author, literature professor, lover of poetry, hunter, bee keeper, composer, and musician many times over.

Only in recent days did I learn that Dr. Orrick set eleven Psalms, word-for-word, to music. And these songs are a genuine delight.

With Orrick’s pay policy of “whatever you can afford,” and a quick and easy order form below, you have no other choice but to check them out.

All songs are composed, arranged, and produced by Orrick, and he personally performs the lead vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica, and mountain dulcimer as well. As I said, musician many times over.

Allow me to give you a bit of info about each album. These are songs anyone can sing. With just a few listens, you’ll have these eleven Psalms down pat. I speak from experience.


Psalms for Worship Today (Ps 27-34) sets eight Psalms in a soothing folk style simple enough to be used in local church settings and beyond. This album primarily utilizes acoustic guitar and vocals.

Excerpts from the album cover:

“All of the songs on this album were written in response to a need that arose while I was staff pastor at North Pointe Baptist. We enjoyed singing Psalms as well as hymns and spiritual songs, but it was a challenge for us to find Psalm texts and tunes that were comprehensible, biblically accurate, and within the singing capability of our congregation.

“We sang most of these songs in our Sunday worship, and congregational participation was enthusiastic and encouraging. What a blessing it was to hear God’s people joyfully singing God’s own songs back to him! It is my prayer that the Lord will once again hear millions of his people not just reading but singing his inspired Psalms in both public and private worship.”

For the next three Psalms, buckle your seat belt. Plead (Ps 35-37) takes an unexpected burst of a turn into many varying upbeat styles. Very possibly not what you may expect, but are sure to enjoy. Instruments include guitars, percussion, saxophone, violin, harmonica, and mountain dulcimer. Curiosity piqued?

Also ask about Orrick’s other albums, Fine Linen and The Baptist Catechism Set to Music.

Simply fill out the form below, providing your information, the albums you’d like to purchase, and any other questions you may have. Your message will go directly to Dr. Orrick.

If you happen to take my good advice and check these out, be sure to come back to this post and let me know what you think!

[image credit:, album photos used by permission of Jim Orrick]

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