Withering Grass

Lawn care, of all things, has given me perspective. An unwanted glimpse down an insanely steep slope, to be exact. Rope in hand, tied to mower, my terrified, gloved self holding on for dear life. My second attempt may have involved taking pictures for the lawn service we’re hiring. So it is that I’ve become … More Withering Grass

The Greatest Showman & The Brainwashing of the Modern Soul

It was the talk of the town, the city, and the world. I had heard grand and glorious things, and some dear friends were going, so I went. The theater was filled with excitement and anticipation, families with young children, fans returning for the fourth and fifth viewing . . . I watched the show, … More The Greatest Showman & The Brainwashing of the Modern Soul

Who Done It?

Alright, let’s figure this thing out. Who sinned first? We’re not talking about Satan. Yes, before humans existed, he decided he wanted to be God and got kicked out of heaven, and a bunch of other angels did, too. For our purposes here, that doesn’t count. We’re trying to decide between Adam and Eve. Ask … More Who Done It?

My Pain Is Real

I live with nearly constant pain – and nearly zero answers. After more than ten years and countless medical appointments, I feel as if I’m right back where I started. I can’t write, type, stir, or play piano without the potential for significant pain. So I avoid most of these things. If I sit for … More My Pain Is Real


What is greater than death? Life. Life is greater than death. But everything within us screams otherwise. What is the one thing we fear most? Death. What is the one thing we cannot prevent? Death. What does every pain and heartache and hospital bill tell us? Death. We must face the inevitable. Death is coming. For death is … More Greater