What to Do With Mornings

Ya’ll. Mornings are a STRUGGLE.

I’mma just go ‘head and put it out there. No sneaky attention-grabber on this one, friends. Let’s call it like it is. I may have some things figured out in life, but mornings just ain’t one of ’em.

This might come as a shock to those of you who think I rise before dawn like a glorified saint and spend the wee hours of the morning with the Lord. Nope aaaaand nope.

Instead, my mornings look something like this . . .

Snooze. Snooze. Snooze. Groan. Grab phone. Lie in bed for as long as possible catching up on messages and social media. Jump in the shower. Frantically race the clock to get ready in time. Hurry out the door. Survive the day.

Now, a couple of things to note . . .

One, it’s quite possible that I need to go to bed earlier, be more disciplined, and develop better morning habits. Ugh.

Two, I have learned, by God’s grace, to devote my prized hour of the day (late afternoon on most days) to time with the Lord. I’ve chosen not to attempt a lengthy quiet time in the morning, because my brain is obviously crazy slow to awaken, I struggle to focus on anything deep and important right away, and at the start of the day, the only thing that’s getting my attention is my calendar and to-do list. So, I’ve come to treasure a focused, undistracted, meaningful time with the Lord later in the day when things are out of my way.

However, the problem remains. What to do with mornings.

Let me tell you about my new “morning challenge.” It’s simple. It’s easy. It requires 30 SECONDS a day. Check it out . . .

Step One. Grab a cheap set of note cards or a small notepad. I bought a fancy thing that’s held together with a ring and keeps the cards together just so. It’s special and it makes me happy.
Step Two. Make a list of succinct, simple, biblical truths that you want to burn into your mind and soul and that will {hopefully} linger with you throughout the day. If you’re not sure where to start, I recommend Craig Groeschel’s “personal declarations.”
Step Three. Write one truth or “declaration” on each page / note card. I have 100 cards to use, and I’ve filled about 60 of them so far.
Step Four. When you go to bed at night, place your notepad on top of your phone! This is where the challenge comes in! TRUTH. BEFORE. PHONE.
Step Five. When you wake up in the morning: 1) hit snooze, 2) keep eyes open, 3) choose one truth, 4) read it aloud three times, 5) meditate on it for 30 seconds.
Step Six. Continue with your morning routine and just see what happens!

Let me hear in the morning of your steadfast love, for in you I trust. Make me know the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul. Psalm 143:8

[photo credit: unsplash.com]


One thought on “What to Do With Mornings

  1. I love this idea! I have Severe ME and cognitive function is usually quite bad in the mornings. I like that you have broken it into a tiny bite size piece – better than nothing. I will get out my little set of Bible verse cards I bought when I was about 11 and put them on my phone before bed. (I laminated them years ago so they have lasted through the decades). They are geared towards children so the language is simple (not KJV like my Bibile) and each card has just one verse and a cute doodle on it. What a wonderful idea, thank you!

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