The Ville

I live in Louisville – the 29th largest city in the U.S. with a metro population of 1,269,702. Life in “the Ville” is thrilling. Always something to do. Somewhere to go. People to hang with. Great parks. Events galore. It’s a happenin’ place. But I don’t consider myself a “city girl.” I dislike almost anything … More The Ville

An Unexpected Gift

A year ago, I received a very unexpected gift – one which would prove to change my life forever. This is her story. Yes, her. A girl randomly assigned to my mentoring agenda. As with everything scheduled by man, this encounter was sovereignly ordained by God. Otherwise, I’m not sure I would have chosen it. … More An Unexpected Gift

Yes, I’m a Woman, and Yes, I Love the Bible

I enter my thirties as a single woman, and a strange phenomenon occurs. You see, a content, single, thirty-year-old woman is a peculiarity to the watching world – Christian and non-Christian alike. “Why aren’t you married? Why aren’t you upset that you’re not married? Why aren’t you doing something about your singleness?” And then this: … More Yes, I’m a Woman, and Yes, I Love the Bible