I Don’t Recommend Very Many Books

Two surprising things about me:

One, I don’t read very many books.
Two, I don’t recommend very many books.


One, because I find few books to be very read-worthy.
Two, because once I’ve spent significant time in the Word itself, I have limited capacity for additional reading. And honestly, I want you to feel the same.

BUT, today, I am recommending a book that I have recently read! Why?

One, because the author literally makes my case for Bible Study. Like, takes the words right outta my mouth. Like, this book is my blog in a nutshell.
Two, because this book will provoke in you a desire, even a surprising craving, to study, know, and love the Word of God.

So of course I would read and recommend this book. Yep, check it out.

Also, this is obviously directed towards women. Sorry, guys.
And, this book is so much cheaper at christianbook.com. You’re welcome.

Women of the Word:
How to Study the Bible with Both Our Hearts and Our Minds

by Jen Wilkin

[photo credit: unsplash.com]

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