Never Forget

Legal. The news was nothing new. Yet it made my bones quiver. And my spine shiver. And my heart quake. Such unspeakable horror. That I wept. What was happening to my world? A world. Where compassion is a lost art. Justice, an abandoned cause. Where mommies kill their babies. And leaders simply applaud. How do … More Never Forget


Fight. Just the word, “fight.” It screams at me from deep within. Again and again. When I watch a marriage crumble. And I think of all the things that might have prevented it. When everything a child sees and hears has the potential to destroy their soul. When statistics threaten and history is unforgiving and … More Fight

Father Included

Out of pure intrigue and speculation, I present a possible scenario in which one loses their father and doesn’t need another one because they already have one. Just role with it for a sec. You leave everything to follow Christ. Your house. Your brothers. Your sisters. Your mother. Your father. Your children. And your land. You … More Father Included

Mommy & Her Bible

I don’t know what the mommy world is like. Yes, I am the eldest of six kids, the youngest of whom was born when I was seventeen. Yes, I have worked in the church nursery for years and babysat countless hours. But at the age of thirty, I am still pretty much an outsider to … More Mommy & Her Bible

5 Reasons Children’s Bible Stories are Dangerous

Veggie Tales may have been your childhood Bible teacher if . . . you think David’s sheep had frequent fainting spells, and Joshua’s army was bombed with purple slushies. Believe it or not, I am a huge fan of Veggie Tales, Adventures in Odyssey, and the like. I’ve seen and heard most all the episodes more … More 5 Reasons Children’s Bible Stories are Dangerous

Why We Shouldn’t Call Ourselves Born-Again Christians

Funny how we grab a random title or catch-phrase and hold on to it for dear life. Take, for instance, our identity. We’ve been chosen and redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ. Who are we? Saints. Christians. Children of God. Disciples. Followers. Believers. But consider the lingo of the evangelical world. We shy away from … More Why We Shouldn’t Call Ourselves Born-Again Christians

the biblical bribe

“Be good while Mom shops, and you’ll get a treat . . .” Poor parenting, right? Seems to me the child should be good or else. “Give to such-and-such charity. Hurry before the year ends – it’s tax-deductible!” Charity? Really? Whatever happened to obedience and kindness? You do something because you’re supposed to or because you want … More the biblical bribe