My Other Birthday

Today, I celebrate my other birthday, and I remember . . . Our family of eight never made a big thing out of holidays. No costly festivities or extravagant decor, and birthdays didn’t have cake. Instead, we partied in our own simple way and celebrated what was most important. We pulled out the dusty birthday … More My Other Birthday

But Do You Love It?

I have lots of conversations with non-Christians. Non-Christians who claim to be Christian. The conversation goes something like this . . . “Would you consider yourself to be a Christian?” “Yes.” “Do you mind explaining what you mean by that? In your opinion, what does it mean to be a Christian?” “I don’t know. I’ve … More But Do You Love It?

Why We Shouldn’t Call Ourselves Born-Again Christians

Funny how we grab a random title or catch-phrase and hold on to it for dear life. Take, for instance, our identity. We’ve been chosen and redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ. Who are we? Saints. Christians. Children of God. Disciples. Followers. Believers. But consider the lingo¬†of the evangelical world. We shy away from … More Why We Shouldn’t Call Ourselves Born-Again Christians