Sell All That You Have and Build Bigger Church Buildings

Church buildings can be a good thing. Most would argue in favor of their effectiveness and necessity. I’m not opposed to church buildings. But Jesus never said, “Sell all that you have and build bigger church buildings.” True, Jesus’ encounter with the rich young ruler gets to the heart of a person’s condition before God, … More Sell All That You Have and Build Bigger Church Buildings

Just Keep Sinning

What if we actually got what we deserved – and lived with it, too? What if sexual immorality resulted in incurable diseases, and what if unwanted pregnancies couldn’t be eliminated? What if the glutton had to mend fitness and dietary habits in order to lose weight, and what if the lazy and undisciplined were actually left on the … More Just Keep Sinning

10 Things the Church Has That the Bible Doesn’t

Have you observed the average evangelical church of today with Bible in hand? If so, you may have noticed a number of things the church has that the Bible doesn’t. Buildings. Perhaps most obviously, the early church was not confined to a church building with steeple and pews. No building campaigns, mortgages, custodians, and carpet … More 10 Things the Church Has That the Bible Doesn’t

the main thing

My logic goes something like this. We are left with a Word. Not just a word. Many words. With these words, the God of the universe tells us everything we need to know. Everything. If there’s something He hasn’t told us, it’s not important. He didn’t leave anything out. What He has told us is important. After all, this … More the main thing

body language

When you’re not sure how to put together what you know about a body, you draw pictures. Stick figures work wonderfully. First, the head. The head is Christ.  . . . and gave him as head over all things to the church, which is his body . . . 1:22 . . . we are … More body language