against debate

I love debate, and I think it’s incredibly unhelpful in 99% of all cases. That’s the conclusion of this post. Take it or leave it. Ask my parents, siblings, and close friends. I will debate just about anything. My natural inclination is to stand up for what I believe in and to never back down. … More against debate

before & after

Life is tough. Sometimes more than you can stand. Your body says you can’t go on. It’s an excruciating pain. Often left unnoticed, but oh so real. You knew it wouldn’t be easy. But the realities are overwhelming. They reel in like a newsfeed of horror stories. Your child deserts the faith. Your life is … More before & after

three times a day

What’s the number-one religious ritual you were taught as a child? It is not tithing or gift-giving. It’s not wearing your Sunday best or carrying your Bible to church. And it’s not reciting the Lord’s Prayer. Most likely, whether or not you were raised in a Christian home, you were taught to say, “Thank you, God, for our … More three times a day

sharing the joy

Your average day looks like this. You get up and say “good morning” to your spouse or child or roommate. You read the news and check the weather. You scan the latest on social media, be it good, bad, life-altering, or pathetically unimportant, sent with love from your family, your friends, your enemies, and people you’ve never … More sharing the joy