where is justice?

Something changed. In your past, you were religious. You did what was right, and you looked good. And no one knew the difference. And then, unbeknownst to you, apathy began its slow and silent work. Though you would hardly admit it, you started to care less. The lives of irreligious people began to appeal. Somehow, these people … More where is justice?

the biblical bribe

“Be good while Mom shops, and you’ll get a treat . . .” Poor parenting, right? Seems to me the child should be good or else. “Give to such-and-such charity. Hurry before the year ends – it’s tax-deductible!” Charity? Really? Whatever happened to obedience and kindness? You do something because you’re supposed to or because you want … More the biblical bribe

who is the messenger?

This is the beginning of a new category of posts. Ones in which you, my fine readers, participate. {Actually, participation is always welcome. Here, it is kindly requested.} These will be categorized “poll,” which, in this instance, may be defined as follows: “I wanna hear your ideas.” I’m a bit puzzled by Malachi 3:1. “Behold, I … More who is the messenger?