Rushing Past the Gold

One of the most precious treasures on this earth is gold. Above all else, gold holds the highest value because of its history, appeal, advantages, and rarity. In 1838, with limited forms of travel available, California’s gold caused hundreds of thousands from all over the country to come rushing wildly after it. Did you know there are at … More Rushing Past the Gold

Why We Shouldn’t Call Ourselves Born-Again Christians

Funny how we grab a random title or catch-phrase and hold on to it for dear life. Take, for instance, our identity. We’ve been chosen and redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ. Who are we? Saints. Christians. Children of God. Disciples. Followers. Believers. But consider the lingo of the evangelical world. We shy away from … More Why We Shouldn’t Call Ourselves Born-Again Christians

Father, Holy Spirit, & Son: When the Trinity is Out of Order

For you serious thinkers who are addicted to deep topics. And for you in the less-interested crowd who might typically pass this article by . . . But you were baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. In that order. So you’re a little intrigued. Here’s a thought. The Trinity is one of … More Father, Holy Spirit, & Son: When the Trinity is Out of Order

a capital spirit

We’re talking about a spirit. And we’re asking whose it is. Join us. The spirit is life. Is the Holy Spirit life? Or are our spirits life? I’d say, either one. The spirit is life because of righteousness. Would we say the Holy Spirit is anything because of righteousness? Sure seems like strange wording anyway. … More a capital spirit

I do know

“I do know.” Those are three words I don’t usually say. “Where do you want to eat for lunch?” “I do know. Let’s eat at Chick-fil-A.” Not my first response. Chick-fil-A? Yes. The choice of grammar which led to the highly favored suggestion? Just no. Not to be confused with the last post, “I Don’t Know,” this … More I do know