the Child of Light

It has often been said of me in recent days that I hate Christmas. “Hate” is most definitely a strong word, but I can’t disagree with the sentiment. Often by time Thanksgiving arrives, I’m sick of Christmas music, don’t want to go shopping for two months, and simply dread facing all the holiday fluff.

Yet, numerous times this year, my heart and mind have been challenged by the thought that Jesus came.

And that Jesus is coming.

The weight of it all has been rather surprising.

The people who walked in darkness have seen a great Light (Is 9:2).

The people walking in darkness need to see a great Light (Jn 8:12).

I can sense the darkness. And it leaves me running to the Light.

Clinging to the Light.

Longing for the Light.

This Christmas season has done that somehow.

If you’re like me, you need continual encouragement from the Word. I reserved half an hour one evening to watch this beautiful recitation of Scripture. And I was wonderfully refreshed.

Nancy Leigh DeMoss compiled and prepared this recitation and presented it to thousands at the True Woman 2014 Conference. Accompanied with meditative music, skillful art, and dramatic effects, this unique presentation weaves together a matchless story of redemption, straight from the Author Himself, painting a poignant picture of this Light who has come into the world.

I share it with the encouragement to take a moment’s pause from the painful frenzy of gifts and lights and jingle bells and to reflect on the immensity of one of the most incredible moments in history. The birth of the Child of Light.

[Used with permission from Revive our Hearts]

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