I have the same power


Weakness and distress lie heavy.
The burden is great and the fear runs deep.
It’s a feeling of defeat. Of helplessness.
I have so vast a need.

A word is spoken, and it is seen.
The darkness cannot stand or stay.
All things realized. And then upheld.
I have nothing to say.

Sight awakened and faith given.
An unknown strength adorns.
A work no tongue can explain.
I am graced with understanding.

A Body raised. Not One, but many.
So immense a strength, it can’t be matched.
Where glorious might brings death to life.
I am its evidence.

Such power that speaks, declares, reveals.
That upholds, and changes, and raises, and endures.
That works around me, and in me, and through me.

No need remains.
For I have the same power.

The above reflection flows from the following passages:
Rom 1:4, 16, 20, 9:17, Eph 1:19, 3:20, Col 1:11, 29, 2:12, Heb 1:3.

[image credit: pixabay.com, journeyoftheword.com]

3 thoughts on “I have the same power

  1. Lydia – I absolutely love this poem – Ephesians 3:20 is one of my favorite all time verses. Such beautifully written and flowing words . I found you today at #CoffeeShopConversations


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