an unlikely redemption

A man bought a wife. That’s an unusual enough place for a story to begin.

unlikely redemption1

Actually, it doesn’t begin there.

First, we observe a woman in great need.
Her life could well be described as utterly destitute and hopeless.

Through a series of providential events,
she comes under the eye of a man who delights in her.

This doesn’t make sense.

unlikely redemption3

She is a foreigner.

She doesn’t belong.

She comes with baggage.



A past.

She is helpless.



She is empty.

It’s so unlikely, this redemption.

What man would go out of his way to win this woman?
Why should he risk his reputation for an outcast?

What man of honor would choose her?
It doesn’t make sense that she should be shown such kindness and love.


And in this unlikely, perfect redemption
is found direction, protection, provision, satisfaction, fullness.

Restoration. Healing. Joy.

And best of all, the Redeemer himself.

unlikely redemption10

For the complete story, read the book of Ruth and its portrayal of the Redeemer who bought the unlikely Bride.

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