October Odds-n-Ends 0.1

A few odds-n-ends to spice up your already delightful October.

First, a song to sing.
{And by that, I mean you can sing it.}

Part of an upcoming album by Scott Cornish.
With lead vocals by a college friend, Isaac Frasure.

Makes this musician happy because it’s in 12/8 {educated guess}.

Text adapted from Psalm 145.
{Look it up and follow along.}

Next, a blog called Ordinary Awesome.

Subscribe to the newsletter and you get a set of Scripture memory cards for FREE.

Not only that, the memory cards coincide with Seeds of Praise, the third album from . . .
you guessed it –


Last, one of my favorite online Bible study tools . . .

Bible Study Tools

If you’re new to basic Bible study methods
{and even if you’re not},
this site is for you.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:
1} Click “Study” in the top menu.
2} Select “Concordances,” then “Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance.”
3} At the top, change “References” to “The Bible.”
4} Enter the verse you’re studying.
5} Click the “Settings” button and make sure “Strongs Numbers” is checked.
6} Select any word in your verse.

Now you can see a couple of helpful things:
1} The word in its original language.
2} How many different English words are used for that same original Greek/Hebrew word.
3} The other passages of Scripture which use that same original word.
{Reminder: Any “definitions” listed are the work of scholars based on their own study of Scripture.
I encourage you to define a given word based on the text itself!}

May seem a bit complicated,
but I’ve actually found it to be a quick and easy way
to examine a particular word that has me stumped.

So, I highly recommend it to you!

And, of course, there’s much more on this site, but . . .

If Greek and Hebrew scare you to death,
and you’re looking for a way to better understand Bible terminology?

Give it a try!

{Happy October!}

 [image credits: seedsfamilyworship.comordinaryawesome.com, & biblestudytools.com,
audio recording: Scott Cornish via SoundCloud]

2 thoughts on “October Odds-n-Ends 0.1

  1. love it! definitely signed up for that blog. it looks awesome as well!!

    and this old woman can’t figure out how to work with that strong’s concordance. i think i’ll just stick to matthew henry’s commentary on biblegateway haha


    1. Haha, that’s awesome. Not to shoot down your ideas or Bible study methods, but here are my thoughts on commentaries, in case you’re curious. 😉
      And I probably didn’t do the greatest job of explaining how to use the concordance…but it’s really not that hard. Pretty sure your dear hubby could even give you a hand. 😉
      But, yeah, basically I’ve found that I learn more and stick with the text (vs. other people’s opinions) better, if I do the “work” myself. But then, I think this kind of “work” is super fun, so…


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