April Adventures 0.1

. . . at least I hope you’ll embark on this one adventure in particular, because it’s just about the niftiest ever.

But we’ll save that for later . . .

First, a good dose of Scripture art.

1} Printable Wisdom

I know these little shops abound these days, but it makes me happy when I come across a new one.

I just love Ashley’s work at Printable Wisdom.

Her shop includes over a hundred verbatim Scripture prints!

$5 per download, send it to Walmart, pop it in one of those frames you have stashed somewhere . . . and voilà!
The purest and thriftiest of wall art!

Here are a few of my favorites:

Bible Verse Art Printable, Scripture Print Christian wall art decor poster, inspirational quote INSTANT DOWNLOAD - Psalm 39:7

I like the idea of references and clues that compel you to search and think:

Bible Verse My Father Is art, printable verses Scripture Print wall art decor, inspirational quote typography list inspirational digital

The Lord’s Prayer:

Lord's Prayer printable scripture Bible verse Art Print, Heart typography poster, digital INSTANT DOWNLOAD Printable Wisdom

Hebrews 13:5 with emphasis:

Hebrews 13:5 Bible verse print, Printable Wisdom art, art print, Bible verse printable wall art decor, typographic calligraphy print

And then I have this little problem where I want to show them all to you . . .

Click here, please, so we can move on.

2} Truth Songs

Just when you think you’ve found every Scripture-song artist known to mankind . . .


Bible verse songs for grown-ups with unforgettable, high-quality melodies.

Truth Songs is a musical resource designed to make memorizing the Word of God
enjoyable and easy through well-written songs.”

Zander and Janine Jones have served believers beautifully in this way for the past six years.
I’m just now discovering them!

Start with this one:

More here.

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for . . .

3} Blogging Through the Bible

I came across this resource just days ago and couldn’t wait to share.

. . . but first, a bit of “housekeeping.”

For those of you kind souls who regularly read my musings here at Journey of the Word,
I thought I might take a moment to explain my sidebar.
Scroll up, and look to the right.
{For mobile users, it’s probably hidden at the bottom under the endless stream of articles – my apologies.}

You should find a section in the sidebar entitled, “Take It A Step Further.”

It works like this:
All my articles are tagged horribly for search engines
but beautifully for your study of the Word.

Click the topic, word, or book of the Bible you’re studying,
and find all the related articles I’ve written!

{end of housekeeping note}

Okay, are you ready for the real adventure?

Click this:

In my quest to find other Bible-bloggers, I found Ally and her latest project!

Blogging Through the Bible is simply a directory of blog posts pertaining to various passages in the Bible.

{My sidebar on steriods!}

The Goals of Blogging Through the Bible:
1) To connect Christian bloggers to one another, empowering them to easily share content and ideas for the glory of God
2) To provide readers a simple, easy to use place to find blog posts on specific Biblical passages
3) To empower Christians to walk more fully with the Lord by immersing ourselves in the Word of God

Wishing you had more Bible-study partners? Looking for another perspective on a passage?

I suggest you keep Blogging Through the Bible handy!

And the project is in its beginning stages, so submit your own Bible posts to help it grow!

Happy April!

 [image credits (respectively): Printable Wisdom, Truth Songs, & Blogging Through the Bible]

15 thoughts on “April Adventures 0.1

  1. The prints that you share are adorable. I agree with you…I like the ones that only give a hint and make you dig further. Congratulations on your new project! I am really enjoying your blog already and really happy that I found you through #FridayFrivolity. I’m following you now.


  2. Lovely printables and great resources. Blogging through the Bible is one of my passions, so I will definitely check that one out! I’m visiting today from Spiritual Sundays linkup. Have a wonderful week!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! Scripture songs have become my new favorite way to memorize Scripture…and to keep it on my mind! If you’re looking for more Scripture-song suggestions, click “Songs” under “Select a Route” in my sidebar. There you’ll find all the posts where I’ve recommended various Scripture-song artists! Enjoy!


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