May’s Merry Mix 0.1

More Scripture songs {this time, for kids!},
a handy study resource for digging deep {for everyone!},
and loads of engaging Bible-teaching tools {for parents!}.

A mix that’s sure to make you merry this marvelous month of May!

#1} Slugs & Bugs

Slugs & Bugs

Slugs & Bugs recently released their second album of word-for-word Scripture songs for kids!

From their website:
Behind the catchy melodies and the random acts of silliness, we deeply desire to partner with families for their good and for God’s glory. A fan recently tweeted that our “songs and lyrics have become part of their family culture.” And when the lyrics are word-for-word Scripture, that can be truly transforming.

Learn about the “Sing the Bible” albums here and here.

#2} Look to the Bible

Those Who Suffer Receive a Blessing

From Desiring God comes a FREE online resource
designed to help you learn how to study the Bible for yourself!

Includes short video clips, outlines, study questions, and more, and looks to be pretty fantastic.
Even if you feel you don’t need the help, click on a passage you’re studying and see what new tips you might learn!

Get started here.

#3} Bible Fun for Kids

Cover photo

Looking for a website that provides hundreds of
FREE lessons, printables, worksheets, and more
to help you teach the Bible to your kids?

Look no further!

When I found this site, I just had to click “save.”
If I have the distinct blessing and joy of teaching my own kids someday,
I know I’ll reference this one again and again.

Check it all out here.

May your May be Merry!

 [image credits (respectively): Slugs & Bugs, Desiring God, & Bible Fun for Kids]

7 thoughts on “May’s Merry Mix 0.1

  1. Thanks for these great resources. I love Scripture songs, but have not heard of Slugs and Bugs. Will have to check them out. And I love John Piper’s stuff!


    1. If you like Scripture songs… I’ve promoted a different artist every month since I started this blog. You can find them by clicking “songs” under “select a route” in the right-hand sidebar. I’ve been amazed to find lots of amazing Scripture songs! I love them!


  2. It is such a blessing that you provide these suggestions here! I was just thinking the other day about this passage of Scripture that I memorized as a child by the teacher setting it to music. It has stuck with me throughout life. I am so thankful to have hidden His Word in my heart…it is right there when we need it, and we can call it forth in our battles. I appreciate your sweet comment left on my blog. God bless you!


  3. Our all-time favorite CDs are the Hide ‘Em in Your Heart volumes by Steve Green, but we have a few of the Slugs & Bugs albums, too. Thanks for sharing with us at #FridayFrivolity this week!


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