Why Look for God in a Book?

God can be seen in creation, encountered in prayer, revealed through people, discovered in any truth, and experienced in the circumstances and situations of life.

So why look for God in a Book?

I spend a lot of time in this “Book.” {At least, that’s my goal.} I read and read and read again, and search and dig and ponder, and lose myself in it all. But for what reason? Because I expect to find God there?

But God can be found anywhere! Read a believer’s story; God is there. Listen to a godly leader’s sermon, and you’ll find God there. Climb a mountain or walk along the shore, and you may very well encounter God. Examine the twists and turns of your life, and you can find God at each one.

Why pore over pages and ink and dots and dashes if God is all around me?


Because, though God is everywhere and demonstrates himself in a number of ways, the primary means by which he has chosen to declare himself is through a Book – a simple, complex, everyday, extraordinary Book of explosive proportions.

In the pages of Scripture, we find God in a way no other person, truth, or experience can ever reveal him. Through his perfect and powerful Word, God displays his character, presents his greatest Plan, answers every question known to mankind, and gives us the framework for how we come to understand every other word about him or experience of him.

How can we possibly fathom creation, and sense God’s wisdom in every part, without knowledge of the Scriptures?

How can we approach God in prayer and identify the responding voice as his without the aid of his Word?

How do we receive caution or affirmation from friends and spiritual leaders without the Bible as our standard?

How do we recognize truth if we do not first know the Book of Truth?

How might we walk in a manner worthy of our calling without knowing the calling and the manner worthy of it – found specifically in his Word?

How can we begin to align ourselves with God’s will and follow in his steps if the Bible is not our first and trusted guide?

And how are we changed by the gospel of grace to begin with, if we do not know the saving message written and preserved for us in this Book?

Yes, we must look for God in a Book. We must sort through words and grammar and stories and concepts in a paper-and-ink {or swipe-and-scroll} Book.

For there, in the pages of a pure, divine Book, we find God in all his glory. And eternal Life besides.

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15 thoughts on “Why Look for God in a Book?

  1. Yes!!! Love this post!

    ” How do we receive caution or affirmation from friends and spiritual leaders without the Bible as our standard?”

    I believe much of my own Christian walk developed very slow because for years I was convinced Christian living was found in sermons and books by man and that His word could be be taught to me by those who read the Bible, rather than me seeking Him out and reading HIS word for myself. When I started searching out Him by the Bible, all of man’s wisdom began to purge and TRUTH was unveiled. Sadly I realized I was guilty of idolizing people and calling it “seeking godly counsel” without ever setting my foundation on God’s word, so I couldn’t recognize right vs almost right or truth vs lie. That is what is at stake when we don’t search Him out by the very Book of His Word.


  2. We must read truth for ourselves if we are to have any hope of practicing discernment. His Word is both living and active and a chronicle of His love and character for us. It is both how we come to faith and feed our faith. Thanks for you encouraging words!

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  3. Perfect answer to a tough question! Without His Word we have to rely on our emotions and sadly, The heart is deceitful above all things (Jeremiah 17:9)!

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  4. Jesus is on the pages of this book, and as we study, read and meditate on the scriptures, we are changed by the reflection of his face to ours. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

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  5. Thank you, Lydia. His word is such a blessing! Years ago, I was fascinated when I learned that God’s name wasn’t mentioned even once in the book of Esther. Instead, the reader must search for Him. Thanks for linking up on Grace and Truth.


  6. The incomprehensible mercy of God revealing Himself ANYWHERE makes me put my hand over my mouth when I’m tempted to question God’s choice of print. And He can give a love for the Word as a gift to those who truly want to seek Him. Thanks for this post, Lydia.

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