5 Clock Hacks for the Distracted

What is big and round, ticks your life away at the rate of 60 seconds per minute, and is very possibly the most annoying distraction ever?

The clock!

Okay, the common clocks of today are visible by the click of a button and look suspiciously like cell phones, but wouldn’t you agree – clocks needn’t hang on your wall or make “tick-tock” noises to be the greatest distraction of all.

To set aside time in my day for the Word is a feat from the start. Then you add commitments and appointments and “pressing needs” at every hour, and I find my eyes have developed a chronic twitch in the direction of the nearest time-machine . . . causing my brain to leave the thought at hand just to check in with that ticking annoyance that tracks every second of our lives without fail.

And so it seems we’ve found another excuse for the measly time and attention we give the greatest Treasure known to mankind. The clock rules.

Perhaps we need some distraction prevention? Some “clock hacks”? Just to prove to our hearts that God rules and the clock doesn’t?


1. Minimize the competition. What is in the running for your time and attention? Whittle down your to-do list so you can rest in the Word freely.

2. Schedule time with God. Make an “appointment” that takes space in your day planner like all the rest. I personally suggest you fight for an hour per day {except, don’t forget this}.

3. Set an alarm and hide all clocks. Your eyes won’t continually dart back and forth. You won’t lose track of time. And you won’t spend mental energy worrying that you will.

4. Create buffers when possible. No need to drop everything when the alarm goes off, because there is space in your day. You can finish that chapter or continue mulling over that thought, and it will be okay.

5. Embrace divine interruptions. Yes, God may invade the holiest of your scheduled moments with peculiar and menial demands. And you may be surprised to find that, in this strange surrender, something even more holy is taking place in your heart and in the precious mist of your life.

Oh, may the ticking clocks around us fade – and may the moments of our fleeting days find unhurried relief in the pages of God’s Word – that our souls may rest, unhindered, in him.

 [image credit: unsplash.com]

10 thoughts on “5 Clock Hacks for the Distracted

  1. Great practical hacks. The clock is a cruel taskmaster sometimes and your words for dealing with it in the context of what is most important are helpful. Thank you for sharing them. Visiting today from Small Wonder.

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  2. So good, Lydia. I’ve found that keeping paper nearby as a place to “dump” distracting thoughts is helpful. I just write down the thought (if it’s something to do), and then keep right on going with my reading or prayer, knowing that I won’t forget the thought when it’s appropriate to address it.

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  3. I can relate, Lydia. For me setting a timer helps so much! I also agree with Michele about keeping a piece of paper or your to-do list handy. That way you can jot things down and then go back to what your were doing. Thanks for sharing some great ideas.

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  4. I was thinking more along the lines of throw the clock out the window! 🙂 In all seriousness, you’re right on – it’s all about priorities. Sometimes it feels as though life throws the priorities at us and we have no choice. But we do. We must. Thank you for this.
    Stopping by from Inspire Me Monday

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  5. I agree that the clock should not rule us, but then we do need to set our priorities and not neglect to take time for fellowship with our Lord. Your post reminded me of a cute coo coo clock I once purchased. One night was enough when it woke us up at mid-night with 12 coo coos. Back it went to the store the next day and they were kind enough to give me my money back. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.


  6. My clock hack is to use the alarm clock on my phone to help me memorize Bible verses. If you set an alarm for the time that matches the reference number and can be super helpful (but obviously doesn’t work for all verses).


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