Homework in Zero Minutes

You didn’t sign up for the advertised Bible Study because of that dreaded thing called “homework.”

Homework takes time. And if you add it to your schedule, then some other thing of all-consuming importance will have to go.

You might manage to fit the actual Bible study meeting into your week, but if homework is included, you may as well forget it.

That’s because you’ve got this whole thing backwards.

Most “Bible-believing Christians” read their Bibles once or twice a week. But let’s assume you have the rare and beautiful habit of spending a half hour a day or more in the Word. {If you don’t, then this particular word of encouragement isn’t for you, because you need to build that habit first.}

Now. If the Bible study you’re attending is actually a Bible study {meaning, they are going to actually study the Bible *gasp*} . . . Then, your homework should be actual Bible study. And if your homework is actual Bible study, then, folks, get this.

That’s your quiet time.

You just accomplished your Bible study homework in ZERO minutes. Because surely, in the moments of your existing daily “quiet time,” you’re able to study the Bible for Bible study.

So my “quiet time,” you see, consists of Bible study homework. Because the Bible study homework for my Bible studies is pure Bible study. And that’s what a “quiet time” should be {at least in part}: Bible study.

Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t add Bible study to what you’re already doing. We’re not trying to skimp here.

I’m just saying – make this Bible study thing a part of your normal life! And if a goal of your “quiet time” is to spend time in the Word, then your church’s all-official Bible study fits PERFECTLY into that established time slot, costing you exactly zero minutes.

And just like that. No more excuses.

[image credit: unsplash.com]

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