I Am Not A Scholar

I am not a scholar.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies, but I promise I suffered from poor comprehension and spent most of my time in the practice room.

That’s what happens when piano is more important and paper-writing and test-taking skills are easy to come by. You graduate summa cum laude from a Bible college performing a masterful undergraduate recital and possessing the ability to recite little to nothing about the Bible.

Because, for my homeschooled, AWANA-soaked self, Bible stuff was normal and a chore. Obtaining a Bible degree was a piece of cake.

And yet I had not discovered the joy of knowing the Word. Not even close.

So, I’m here to tell you that I’m not a scholar.

I lead multiple Bible studies per week and write multiple blog posts per month, and I am not a scholar.

I join myriads of discussions on biblical topics with only my Bible in hand. And I study that thing like a madman. But I am not a scholar.

Did you know that you can know God by knowing his Word and have great joy in it – without being a scholar?

Did you know you can find treasures there? Wisdom? Knowledge? Discernment? Truth?

I can find all of that. And I’m not a scholar.

Do I want to be a scholar?

Yes! I would love to be “a learned or erudite person, especially one who has profound knowledge of” . . . the Bible. How amazing would that be!!

And that’s why I study the Bible. Because I want to have a profound knowledge of the Scriptures because I want to have a profound knowledge of God.

Books are great, but they’re just books. Formal training and seminary degrees are a most blessed gift, but I don’t need them to know the Word.

I have the Word. And when I gather around the Word, with Word-loving people, that is all the “scholarly” I need.

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One thought on “I Am Not A Scholar

  1. I love this! Thank you! I’ve often felt underqualified to manage my blog and dare to mention God. Despite these feelings and my lack of degrees, I press on to tell the world of the joy of coming to know the Father through His Son, Jesus Christ, via His Word. Be Blessed.

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