Who Mocked and Who Mourned? {A Quiz}

It’s time to test your memory. How well do you know the greatest story of all time? Sure, you may have missed a few “minor details” . . . but in the minor details of Scripture are wonders all their own.

So do your best to remember the day that changed the course of history. And just for a few minutes, remember the people – those men and women who looked upon the dying Redeemer.

How did they respond? Did they mock? Or did they mourn? Or one then the other? Or do we even know?

It’s all in this nifty little quiz. Don’t forget to read the explanation as each answer is given. Then stop back by here and leave a comment to tell me what you thought about it! {I’d love to know if you were surprised . . . because I sure was!}

Note: The answers are deduced primarily from Mark 15. No peeking until the quiz is complete!

[image credit: pixabay.com]

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