10 Things The Word of God Is

The Word of God is PERFECT. Few things in this life are flawless, but this one qualifies. In its original form, it contains absolutely no error and is 100% trustworthy.

The Word of God is POWERFUL. It produces comfort and healing, conviction and assurance, hope and faith. It is unceasingly victorious – Satan cringes, demons run, and even my sin loses the war.

The Word of God is ENDLESS. The greatest scholar could study it every moment of every day for a million lifetimes and never exhaust its meaning, wisdom, value, and power.

The Word of God is SIMPLE. It welcomes the young child to its pages, and anyone who has the Spirit can read with understanding.

The Word of God is PRECIOUS. It is of more value than all the gold and silver in the world, because it produces rewards for the life to come.

The Word of God is FOREVER. It can’t die. Though all else fades, it won’t. It is the single most enduring thing we possess.

The Word of God is LIFE. Through it, we are rescued from death and find great and precious promises of an eternity of joy.

The Word of God is MINE. Multiple copies sit on my shelves, and whole chunks of it reside in my heart. It marinates in my mind, rings in my ears, and resounds often on my tongue.

The Word of God is ALL I NEED. It answers every question, fulfills every longing, brings deep and lasting satisfaction, and meets me in my darkest hour.

The Word of God is JESUS. Every word he speaks is Word, and every word of Scripture reveals him – for he himself is the Word.

[image credit: unsplash.com]

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