Is Your Word Time Like . . .

If a “quiet time” is time spent in quiet, and a “Word time” is time spent in the Word . . .

How’s your “Word time”??


Is it like . . .

A road sign: Catch a glimpse of it on your way to something else

A wall hanging: Conveniently framed above your kitchen sink . . . and that’s it

Your morning shower: Routine, but not always enjoyed

Your Facebook feed: Scanned quickly

Making your bed: Daily, but only because mom said so

A dentist visit: Twice a year and dreaded


Or is your “Word time” like . . .

An upcoming vacation: Special and eagerly anticipated

Marinated chicken: Letting it soak for awhile

A spa or a movie: Sit back and enjoy

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner: Daily must-haves

An outing with a friendPlanned, prioritized, and savored

That song that gets stuck in your headIt’s forever stuck in your mind and heart, and it just won’t leave

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