Before You Seek Other Things

Seek first the kingdom of God.

A command. No explanation.

Seek the kingdom before we seek other things? More than we seek other things?

But what does it mean to “seek” . . .

Search. Pursue. Desire. Perhaps?

In context, Matthew (6:33) contrasts “seeking the kingdom” with things the Gentiles were seeking: food and clothing, provision and security.

In the same way we might seek after these things, we should seek, first and foremost, that which is of greater importance, the kingdom of God, for anything else we might seek will be found there.

But what is the “kingdom” exactly?

An eternal mystery of a question. After all, Jesus told parable after parable to reveal/conceal it.

We have to consider what the kingdom is in order to know what it is that we’re supposed to be seeking . . .

Or maybe that’s the whole point.

What would it look like to urgently pursue knowledge of the kingdom as the greatest ambition of our lives?

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