The Keeper of Stars

Lift up your eyes and see
Not the stars in the sky, but the Lord
Who makes them and knows them and calls them by name,
Who counts them and keeps perfect score.

Lift up your head and know
That the powers of the earth are but dust.
For the Keeper of stars is the Keeper of hearts.
Kings bow at his throne, for they must.

Lift up your heart and repent.
The King of kings has been overthrown
For a lifeless thing you have worshiped and prized
While he deserves praise alone.

Lift up your hands and praise,
Though weary your soul may be.
For in watching and waiting and trusting him still,
The strength of your Lord you will see.

Inspired by Isaiah 40:18-31

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3 thoughts on “The Keeper of Stars

  1. I’ve cried more than once at the beauty of your writings. The truths in them reach down to my soul and pull me back to Christ. Thank you for this poem! It’s encouraged me. I am thankful for how God has used you to encourage others through His Word. Keep it up! It’s a good race! (:


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