An Unexpected Gift

A year ago, I received a very unexpected gift – one which would prove to change my life forever. This is her story. Yes, her. A girl randomly assigned to my mentoring agenda. As with everything scheduled by man, this encounter was sovereignly ordained by God. Otherwise, I’m not sure I would have chosen it. … More An Unexpected Gift

December Deals 0.1

Welcome to the first edition of December Deals, where we bring you Christmas-n-Truth – for FREE! First a few songs, then something to share with family and friends, neighbors and strangers! #1 : A Christmas song from the Gettys. Authors of In Christ Alone and many other essential songs for the church. Just witnessed their Christmas … More December Deals 0.1

For Tomorrow We Die

When I scroll through my Facebook feed, I am often compelled to sit and weep. Not because of mass shootings, tragic accidents, or missing persons reports, though these are truly grieving. What strikes me more than all of these are messages, usually implied and not so hidden, which say, “Yes, I know who God is. … More For Tomorrow We Die