Why “I Believe the Bible” Is Not Enough

“I believe the Bible.” It’s a common claim, professed by Christians and non-Christians alike. For those who hold the Bible high and love it deeply, the label would seem quite noble. In an age where many would seek to minimize the Bible’s teachings or throw out the Scriptures altogether, “I believe the Bible” is bold … More Why “I Believe the Bible” Is Not Enough

My Pain Is Real

I live with nearly constant pain – and nearly zero answers. After more than ten years and countless medical appointments, I feel as if I’m right back where I started. I can’t write, type, stir, or play piano without the potential for significant pain. So I avoid most of these things. If I sit for … More My Pain Is Real

Crazy Amazing Chariot-in-the-Desert Encounters, Anyone?

Ever had an encounter with a chariot driver in the desert? Nope. Me neither. Not saying this encounter should be our model for evangelism. Just saying if you want to learn a thing or two {or seven} about evangelism, take it from Philip. 1. Make it a habit. Gospel-sharing was Philip’s life. He went from … More Crazy Amazing Chariot-in-the-Desert Encounters, Anyone?

Can the Uneducated, Common Christian Evangelize?

One of the greatest hindrances to evangelism is the belief that evangelists must be educated. I’ve heard it a thousand times: “What if they ask me something I don’t know? I’ve never studied theology. Evangelism is not my thing. I’ll leave it to the guys who are trained to do it.” Wait a minute. We … More Can the Uneducated, Common Christian Evangelize?