Crazy Amazing Chariot-in-the-Desert Encounters, Anyone?

Ever had an encounter with a chariot driver in the desert? Nope. Me neither. Not saying this encounter should be our model for evangelism. Just saying if you want to learn a thing or two {or seven} about evangelism, take it from Philip. 1. Make it a habit. Gospel-sharing was Philip’s life. He went from … More Crazy Amazing Chariot-in-the-Desert Encounters, Anyone?

Can the Uneducated, Common Christian Evangelize?

One of the greatest hindrances to evangelism is the belief that evangelists must be educated. I’ve heard it a thousand times: “What if they ask me something I don’t know? I’ve never studied theology. Evangelism is not my thing. I’ll leave it to the guys who are trained to do it.” Wait a minute. We … More Can the Uneducated, Common Christian Evangelize?

An Unexpected Gift

A year ago, I received a very unexpected gift – one which would prove to change my life forever. This is her story. Yes, her. A girl randomly assigned to my mentoring agenda. As with everything scheduled by man, this encounter was sovereignly ordained by God. Otherwise, I’m not sure I would have chosen it. … More An Unexpected Gift