If The Bible Were True


Is the Bible really true? And is it the first truth we know to be true? Because if it’s true, and if we decide whether or not something else is true based on it, I’m pretty sure we would live differently.

If we really believed the Bible to be true . . .

We would read it more often. The Bible is the first and most important truth, you say? When’s the last time you read it? When’s the last time you were eager to read it?

Novels incite heart-throbbing anticipation, while we read the Bible like we read the dictionary: when we need to find something . . . or like the Internet: scroll and skim.

Oh, how our times in the Word would change if we really believed the Bible were true!

We would live by it. Instead, we pick it apart and explain it away. We talk about it, then forget. We read for knowledge only, when the whole purpose of knowing the Word is for the transformation of our lives.

But if we’re not sure the Bible is true, we might as well read it and move on. Why bother obeying it if it holds as much power as a speed limit sign.

So, I’ll carry my Bible with me to church. I’ll read it a little and memorize a few verses now and then. But I’m not too concerned about doing what it says.

Because maybe God will do what he says. Or maybe he won’t.

Oh, how our lives would change if we really believed the Bible were true!

We would tell the world about itBecause that’s what you do with stuff that’s without-a-doubt, 100% true and life-changing. If you don’t, there’s something wrong with you. People who know the most amazing thing that ever existed must tell people that don’t so they will.

You really believe the Bible is the first and most important truth? And you’re telling me you haven’t bothered to shout it from the rooftops every chance you get? What – are you taking a lifelong nap on that roof?

You’re weird. And so are the majority of Christians in today’s world. And that includes me.

So maybe we need to live like we believe the Bible is true.

That is – if we really believe it.

 [image credit: unsplash.com]

3 thoughts on “If The Bible Were True

  1. What an interesting concept – to understand if we REALLY believed the Bible to be true, we would jump to attention and act so differently than we often do. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

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