The Greatest Showman & The Brainwashing of the Modern Soul

It was the talk of the town, the city, and the world. I had heard grand and glorious things, and some dear friends were going, so I went. The theater was filled with excitement and anticipation, families with young children, fans returning for the fourth and fifth viewing . . . I watched the show, … More The Greatest Showman & The Brainwashing of the Modern Soul


Fight. Just the word, “fight.” It screams at me from deep within. Again and again. When I watch a marriage crumble. And I think of all the things that might have prevented it. When everything a child sees and hears has the potential to destroy their soul. When statistics threaten and history is unforgiving and … More Fight

against debate

I love debate, and I think it’s incredibly unhelpful in 99% of all cases. That’s the conclusion of this post. Take it or leave it. Ask my parents, siblings, and close friends. I will debate just about anything. My natural inclination is to stand up for what I believe in and to never back down. … More against debate

the main thing

My logic goes something like this. We are left with a Word. Not just a word. Many words. With these words, the God of the universe tells us everything we need to know. Everything. If there’s something He hasn’t told us, it’s not important. He didn’t leave anything out. What He has told us is important. After all, this … More the main thing