And It Sits On My Shelf

I possess one of the greatest gifts in all the world.

It is literally perfect and unbelievably real. Actively powerful and powerfully active. It is timeless. Eternal. A treasure beyond compare. It holds the essence of truth, speaks into the ages, and carries with it a boundless glory.

Though it costs very little, it is priceless. Though it fits in my pocket, it is immense and grand. Though it is commonplace in many corners of the world, it is a source of untold magnitude to the few who would actually open and drink.

In it are the keys to life itself.

And it sits on my shelf.

With pages of gold, it beckons me to a wealth unmatched by any other possession.

With words divine, unhindered, and true, it aches to draw my soul to that which I need most.

Yet I walk past it day after day. Hurried. Distracted. Preoccupied.

Busy with yesterday’s failures, today’s pressures, tomorrow’s fears.

And it sits on my shelf.

Gleaming with answers. Overflowing with promises. Thrusting me to know the One who holds it all.

I could simply open and read. I could take a few moments of my day and choose to do this instead. I could avail myself of one of the greatest treasures in all the world.

But of course, I’ve read the Bible. I’ve done that before. I know what it says. And I’ve got a life to live.

So I make excuses, and close it, and walk away.

And it sits on my shelf.

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