But Do You Love It?

I have lots of conversations with non-Christians. Non-Christians who claim to be Christian. The conversation goes something like this . . . “Would you consider yourself to be a Christian?” “Yes.” “Do you mind explaining what you mean by that? In your opinion, what does it mean to be a Christian?” “I don’t know. I’ve … More But Do You Love It?

Covered By Love

If everyone would just stop talking about “sin” and start “loving” one another . . . This sin-love exchange encapsulates the unfortunate, detrimental message of our culture. Maybe a long history of increasing tolerance got us there. Maybe hardened hearts and worldly mindsets paved the way. Or maybe we’ve simply misunderstood the message of the … More Covered By Love

taunt your enemies

Perhaps one of the most noticeable differences between the behavior of Christians and non-Christians is their response to enemies. Non-Christians are less likely to give it any thought and will turn to any number of natural human reactions: fight back, threaten, hold a grudge, become bitter, hate, glare, scream. At best, they hope their enemies … More taunt your enemies