Covered By Love

If everyone would just stop talking about “sin” and start “loving” one another . . .

This sin-love exchange encapsulates the unfortunate, detrimental message of our culture.

Maybe a long history of increasing tolerance got us there. Maybe hardened hearts and worldly mindsets paved the way. Or maybe we’ve simply misunderstood the message of the Bible:

Love covers a multitude of sins. 1 Pet 4:8

Yes, but “love” is not what you see in the movies. “Love” is not a meaningless ceremony until you feel like “loving” someone else. “Love” is not parting with your pocket change after you’ve spent the remainder on your own luxuries.

“Love” is not whatever you want it to be. This “just love everyone” thing we toss around as though it’s an end-all, fix-all doesn’t usually work out, because it’s not true, biblical love.

“Love” does not mean acceptance. It does not mean tolerance, praise, or pride.

It means loving like Jesus loved.

And Jesus’ perfect love revealed sin. Acknowledged sin. Confronted sin. Forgave sin. Covered sin.

Yes, at the cross, we find the truest depiction of love. And in this love, and only this love, do we find that our multitude of sins is covered, once and for all.

Even to those who would throw stones, and to those who lie trembling in the dirt, Jesus says, “Oh, but your sin is covered. Go and sin no more.”

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12 thoughts on “Covered By Love

  1. Yes! It’s receiving His love and letting His love flow through us, His love that never compromises His truth or His grace, that is the key.

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  2. For God so LOVED the World that He gave – – – Jesus had to have also loved the World to be willing to volunteer to come here as a babe to live and to die and then to be raised from the dead. I am thankful that Jesus does overlook a lot of sin, and He provides a covering of his Blood when requested to do so. Go and sin no more was his reply to the sinner . . . not sin some more so I can cover it – – but do not continue in sin. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.


  3. Thanks for sharing this! I’m again and again so amazed by how comfortable sinners felt around Jesus- never judged or accused, and yet how He was utterly holy and never ever lowered his standard. Instead of the external corrupting Him like it did to ppl in the Old Testament, His internal reality was more powerful and changed the external world around Him. Thanks again!

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  4. I always think about parents. We would never claim to love our child and then let them self-destruct. We’d try anything to help them. That’s how God feels about our sin!

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