Sell All That You Have and Build Bigger Church Buildings

Church buildings can be a good thing. Most would argue in favor of their effectiveness and necessity. I’m not opposed to church buildings. But Jesus never said, “Sell all that you have and build bigger church buildings.” True, Jesus’ encounter with the rich young ruler gets to the heart of a person’s condition before God, … More Sell All That You Have and Build Bigger Church Buildings

simple living {getty}

You know the Gettys. If you don’t, this is a problem. And this blog post is here to fix your problem. In my personal opinion, Christians should spend lots of time surrounded by the following kinds of songs: {1} Songs which are word-for-word Scripture set to music. It’s crazy powerful. {2} Songs which retell the stories … More simple living {getty}

treasure: what is it?

Some people assume a lot, easily accept the rest, and simply ride on the shoulders of others without a second thought. I’ve attempted to adopt a slightly different approach. I question everyday language. The very use of words. “Treasure,” for instance. Not that it’s a regular part of my vocabulary. If I were to give … More treasure: what is it?