simple living {getty}

You know the Gettys. If you don’t, this is a problem. And this blog post is here to fix your problem.

In my personal opinion, Christians should spend lots of time surrounded by the following kinds of songs:

{1} Songs which are word-for-word Scripture set to music.
It’s crazy powerful.
{2} Songs which retell the stories of the Bible.
Jesus told stories.
{3} Songs which are prayers set to music.
Pray continually.
{4} Songs which are built on the Word of God and are loaded with biblical truth.
Think on these things.
{5} Songs which express our response to the Word of God.
Because the Word is meant to be applied.

My job on this site, when it comes to music, is to show you lots of songs that fit into the first and second categories. And perhaps occasionally the others.

If you haven’t heard the Getty’s “Simple Living,” now’s the time. It falls under the second category, as well as categories #3, #4, and #5.

simple living

Stuart Townend, a collaborator with Keith and Kristyn Getty, suggested retelling the story of the rich young ruler as a way of singing Jesus’ teaching concerning riches. The result was a delightful tune, in the Gettys’ characteristic Irish style, which also includes the story of the widow with two coins. Or, as the Gettys and Townend translate to our modern day, “The widow gave a penny.”

Check it out at, or watch the clip below.

I’d rather lose all the things of earth to gain the things of heaven.

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