psallos: the romans project

I hope this is old news to you. When I saw TGC’s release, I put it on my list. That was in March. I’m just now catching up.

You haven’t heard about this yet? Ah, but that’s why I’m here, friend. To introduce you to the best. {Oh, and free listening ahead.}

Psallos is a team of musicians who have put together a marvelous album on the book of Romans entitled . . . Romans.

romans cd

Now, a brief warning from my heart to yours. It’s not word-for-word Romans.


Now that we’ve shed a tear . . .

Cheer up! Did you not hear what I said? “This album is marvelous.” Translated: It’s beautifully done, I recommend it, and you’ll love it.

First, reasons why I love it:

1} It’s a paraphrase of a 16-chapter book. And not just any 16-chapter book. The book of Romans. I mean, that’s crazy.

2} It captures the main points and lodges them into your soul. Yes, I’m working hard to make sure you have amazing stuff stuck in your head at all times.

3} With creative, modern styles that will make you feel right at home, this hour-long album allows you to ponder and meditate on the rich truths of God. Think and enjoy at the same time? Sign me up.

Before I give you all the links to check it out, let me send a couple of suggestions your way.

1} If you haven’t recently read or studied the book of Romans in-depth, do that first. Word-for-word before paraphrase. I’ve been studying the book of Romans for the past five months, so this album is utterly beautiful to me.

2} If you haven’t been immersed in Romans of late, proceed with caution. While many phrases are direct Scripture, others lean more towards paraphrase or personal interpretation. Not a problem. You just want to know which is which.

Check out to find out more about Psallos, their musicians, and their mission. Then, go to SoundCloud, because the album is free for listening. Then, go purchase their album, because musicians need money like everybody else. Plus, your car could use another Scripture-song CD {always}.

And can I say thank you to Psallos for producing a gift such as this for the church. Through it, may we hear and sing that the Lord is good.

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