my unlonely weekend

New word: Unlonely. Definition: Not alone.

And so, my weekend.

My weekend looked something like this:

People {about 20 of them} studying the Bible together for 6+ hours.
And loving it.

People enjoying God together.

People eager to know the God they love.

People who say they love God and want to know him more.
Who prove it by knowing him more. Which causes them to love him more.

People who want to give up their Friday night and Saturday morning
to talk about the Bible.

I mean, who does that?

Who craves Bible study with fellow believers?

I do. Because I’ve found it brings me the greatest Joy I’ve ever known.

And I thought I was alone.

Until my unlonely weekend reminded me.
That there are many who have been captured by the same Joy.

And by God’s grace, may their number increase.

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