the devil’s greatest plan


Beware, dear Christian, for you could be the latest victim of a carefully thought-out, sinister scheme.

Chances are, you have been poisoned. The symptoms are easily traced and are showing up everywhere. The diagnosis is no laughing matter and could prove to be quite deadly.

How do I know this toxic injection has likely spread to every fiber of your being? Well, because your average day looks like one or more of the following:

You are focused. You are up first thing in the morning. You grab a bite to eat, head off to class, study during break, go for a workout before lunch, run a few errands, and then you’re off to a coffee shop to study some more. Maybe you’ll spend your evening catching up on a few projects and finishing up some reading before that early bedtime hour.

You are selfless. Your spouse matters. Your kids matter. Your church matters. Your friends matter. So you work yourself to no end to be there for all of them.

You are master of your day. Sports, music lessons, ballet, play dates, grocery runs, homework, baths, naps, four kids, two schools, 21 meals, and a dozen loads of laundry. Every week. Do the math.

You are responsible and hard-working. You’ve been with the company for ten years, and you are headed to the top. Your work cannot be neglected; that’s all there is to it. And when you come home, there’s family. And sleep.

You are a loving, giving person. You have this friend who needs help with her kids. And your mom expects a call every day. And your neighbor always catches you on your way to the mailbox. And you need to send your niece a care package. And the church is asking for volunteers for outreach events.

What is the common thread in each of these scenarios?

Time in the Word. It’s missing.

“If the devil cannot make us bad, he will make us busy.” {Corrie ten Boom}

Yes, busyness just might be your greatest enemy, for when the devil steals your time in the Word, he steals your lifeline.

How do you expect to know God if you never learn from him?

How do you expect to live for God if you don’t even know how you should live?

How do you expect to survive as a Christian without being connected to the Source of life and power?

How do you expect to get through one day without the Word?

Now, the devil? He knows you can get by for a good many days without ever cracking open its pages. He knows that if he makes you busy enough, you’ll be pressured and consumed with other things, even good things, and you simply won’t have the time.

The devil knows you don’t need the Word. You can live just fine without it. And he knows that if you live without the Word, that’s one less power for him to fight.

It is the devil who injects this poison of “busyness,” for he knows one thing about this great plan of his. It works.

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3 thoughts on “the devil’s greatest plan

  1. Thanks for sharing the quote from Corey ten Boom! It’s so true, isn’t it? It easy to get so busy that time in the Word can sometimes go by the wayside. I believe it is important to make time to read God’s word. I don’t know what I would do without it. In it I find not only conviction but comfort and forgiveness and assurance that He loves me. He is the One who gives me strength to follow His leading. Thanks for sharing with #LMMLinkup this week! Blessings to you!

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