By Choice

I was that person in college. The one who arrived ten minutes early to every class and never skipped. The one who kept a strict schedule, practically lived in the practice room, and completed homework at least a week in advance. The one who studied hours upon hours for every test, turned in every paper, completed all the required reading, and never pulled an all-nighter. The one who had no life. By choice.

Why? Because my college years were a gift of grace to me, and I wasn’t about to waste them. I had learned early on that laziness is no excuse. Whatever you do, you do it with all your might. And so I worked diligently to complete every task with excellence. I cut out that which was unnecessary, carefully organized my moments, and skillfully concocted a plan to accomplish everything placed before me. And to accomplish it well.

It meant I scarfed down food walking from one class to the other or while making the half-hour {turned hour, thanks to Louisville} commute. It meant my days were usually packed to the brim without a moment to spare. It meant I said “no” to many an event or late-night party and instead lived the life of a commuting music major. The kind who would choose to miss out on some fun in order to not miss out on some practicing.

And while I realize I may have had some priorities out of line, I lived this life by choice. Because it was what I wanted. It meant a lot to me, and so I fought for it. I took the necessary steps and made the necessary sacrifices to have what I wanted and what I felt I needed: college years well-lived. For me, it was a stewardship I would not waste.

Okay, so I’m a nerd and my obsession is studying and practicing. Maybe yours is weight-loss, a job promotion, time to watch all your favorite shows, the financial security that allows you to shop however you like, family time, sleep, missions trips, exercise programs, you name it.

We all have that one thing that we work at really hard because we want it. Everything else goes to the bottom of the list, and this one thing wins.

Ready for ‘mind blown’?

What if you worked as hard to spend time in God’s Word?

Great. Here she goes again. That’s all she ever talks about. Her blogs do nothing but lure you in, only to make you feel guilty again and again because you don’t read your Bible enough.

Actually, all I’m doing is telling you what’s ripped my heart and mind open lately. And today, it’s this.

Somehow, certain things in our lives manage to take priority. We sacrifice for them. Nothing takes their place on the calendar. Nothing gets the seat of honor like them.

What if we did the same with the Word of God? What if we worked as hard at that?

We say we want to know God more. We say we want to love his Word that much. We say it’s one of the most important things to us. But do our lives and the choices of our days prove it?

What if we refuse to return that email. To watch that show. To complete that assignment. To go to that party. To sleep in. To shop until we drop. To fill our time with yet another responsibility.

By choice.

Because we’re choosing to sit and soak in the Word for awhile instead.

Because we want that more.

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8 thoughts on “By Choice

  1. Yup. What if. You’re very right. We need to choose that time with the Lord before anything else. I also need to work on that. Thanks for sharing this reminder at TGI Saturdays.

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  2. First thing each morning I read at least two chapters from God’s word, then some online devotionals. When I walk with my dogs in the yard, I pray in the Spirit and sing praises to the Lord. That does not make one holy, but it our relationship with Jesus that is being built up as we do these things. God is good to grant opportunity as we are at church or elsewhere to bless someone from our stock pile we have been building and saving. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.


  3. I can totally get consumed with a want, and then work hard to get it… and spending time with God is one of those things, but it wasn’t always. My life is more calm and peaceful now that it is though.

    Thanks for sharing with #theCozyReadingSpot

    Hope to see you again tomorrow

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  4. I remember feeling the same stewardship responsibility when I attended college. I earned scholarships and did not want to let those who entrusted me with opportunity down. Thanks for reminding us that we need to be good stewards of His Word too on the #LMMLinkup last week.

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  5. Oh this is beautiful! I lived the same way in college. I’d spend 5 hours straight studying for a test, miss all of the parties and activities, and still resist time in the Word. Thankfully the Lord has grabbed ahold of my heart and taught me that I need time in the Word, but it was a process to get here. Thanks for sharing this great word!

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  6. Very convicting. I was that person in college too. It actually never even occurred to me that being late or absent was an option until my second year. I think it was just the way that I was raised. However, I wasn’t raised to see God’s Word that way. Thanks for making me think.

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