2016 Memory Challenge Finale

Just a few days ago, the 2016 Memory Challenge officially ended. Participation almost doubled this year, with a grand total of eleven “challengers”!

As the one who initiated this whole thing, I took the Ultimate Challenge, and I’ve gotta say – that was a doozy! I kept at it {thanks to those keeping me accountable by their own participation}, and now I’m super thrilled to have the book of Titus glued to my mind! Having studied it for several months prior, I feel like it’s also being glued to my heart. And that’s the way I like it.


Here are some simple, fun observations from my personal time in Titus (ESV). No references here, so grab a copy, and let’s play a little “seek and find.”

Titles & Distinctions {and a list for each! I like lists.}:
Older men
Older women
Younger men
Younger women

According To {it’s the power of association}:
1. Truth accords with godliness.
2. Teach what accords with sound doctrine.
3. He saved us according to his own mercy.
4. We are heirs according to the hope of eternal life.

Important Word {any guesses?}:
SELF-CONTROLLED. He says it five times in a 3-chapter book to five different groups of people: elders, older men, young women, young men, and finally, all Christians.

Important Theme {when you think “Titus,” think this}:
GOOD WORKS. More here.

Hard Truths {this is what it says . . . I leave you to figure out what it means}:
1. An elder’s children must be believers.
2. Women should be working at home.

Questions {still a bit puzzled}:
1. How did Paul know that God had promised eternal life before the ages began?
2. How is the Holy Spirit “renewed” in us at the moment of salvation if we didn’t have him to begin with?

Convicting Concept {yikes}:
Speak evil of no one // Show perfect courtesy toward all people

Thanks again to all eleven participants. And a special congratulations to Kristin and Rebecca! They both took the Ultimate Challenge, and almost made it! A special gift from Glory Designs is headed their way! Congrats on completing the Official Challenge! And keep it up – you’re almost there!

If you missed out this year, check back in about 11 months for the 3rd Annual Memory Challenge. The best start to a new year, if you ask me. And in 2017, we want you and all your friends to join us!

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