2016 Memory Challenge

It’s here. January 2016. And along with it, our 2nd Annual Memory Challenge!

If you missed out last year, the Challenge is to memorize a chapter of God’s Word in the month of January . . . approximately 31 verses in 31 days.

Here are the basic instructions:

1} Print a copy of the Challenge passage so that you can carry it around with you {index-card sizes work great!}.
2} Find a few minutes each day to memorize one verse {verse 1 on Jan 1, verse 2 on Jan 2, etc.}.
3} In addition to memorizing one verse for the day, review all verses previously memorized, such that you can recite all verses word-for-word until you reach the verse of the day.
4} Don’t forget to actually think about and study the passage somewhere along the way. It’s a bit pointless to memorize something you don’t understand or haven’t pondered.

This year’s Memory Challenge? Well, you have two options:

The Official Challenge: Titus 1-2
The first two chapters of the book of Titus equal exactly 31 verses. Perfect!

The Ultimate Challenge: Titus 1-3
The book of Titus includes three chapters in all. If you’re like me, memorizing only two of three chapters feels a little . . . unfinished. Squeeze in just 15 more verses throughout the month, and you’ve got the whole book! Any takers?

Please leave a comment below if you plan to join either Challenge {no need to specify; you can just say “I’m in!”}, and share this blog post {using the social media buttons below} so others can be included. Then, watch for a special “Challenge Finale” post on February 5. A small gift will be awarded to each person who completes either Challenge!

 [image  credit: pixabay.com]

13 thoughts on “2016 Memory Challenge

  1. I’m in! I think I’m going to try to do the whole book. I memorized a good bit of Titus several years ago, so the first chapter especially is still “familiar.” 🙂


  2. To all who joined the 2016 Memory Challenge, please check your email for a message about Challenge Completion and how to receive your gift! Thank you again for participating!
    And don’t forget to check back here for a follow-up report on Friday!


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