An Open Letter to the Persecuted Christian


Dear Persecuted Christian,

I realize you may be murdered at any moment. Or maybe you’ll simply be thought strange. Either way, here are some things you need to know.

God is so merciful, he gave us salvation. And now, an inheritance is waiting for you, so when you’re being tested, you can at least be happy about that. Keep the faith, and you can be sure, ultimate salvation will come.

By the way, that salvation was predicted by the prophets. They were a bit confused about their own prophecies. In spite of their confusion, you have learned the truth, which was the plan in the first place. And which happens to be so amazing, the angels are jealous.

So get your mind ready, and set your hope only on what is to come in the next life, because you may never see any other hopes realized.

Live in holiness. That’s one of the reasons Jesus suffered – so that you might be holy. Don’t let your old ways mess it up.

Since you have been purified and are being sanctified by the Word, a sincere love should permeate your heart. And when there is love, there is no room for things like malice, deceit, hypocrisy, envy, or slander.

You may be tempted to resort to those responses in the face of persecution. But remember what Jesus did.

He was chosen, like a precious Cornerstone, only to be stumbled upon and rejected by many.

You, too, were chosen – to be living stones, built upon the Cornerstone into a kind of “house” where Christ is worshiped.  So now, you are God’s people, covered in mercy and ready for war.

And war will come. Here’s how you fight.

No matter who you are – Jew, Gentile, official, citizen, master, servant, husband, wife, elder, young believer – live honorably and follow the Ultimate Example, Jesus Christ.

The quiet purity and holiness of his life caused many people to glorify God.

But it caused others to laugh in his face and condemn him to death. Notice he never retaliated or threatened, but trusted his Father, the Righteous Judge.

Because, see, if you live rightly, you can only be persecuted for living rightly. And that’s actually a gracious thing.

But be ready to explain yourself, because people will ask questions. Always speak with kindness. It might stop them in their tracks. That’s the idea.

And always, when you suffer, remember Christ. He suffered for sin, though he was righteous – that he might bring us to God. It seems he went even to hell to proclaim the truth to those who perished long ago, some even in the flood of Noah. Perhaps they would listen now that God offered spiritual saving? {The ark brought some safely through water, but baptism by water reveals a greater salvation.}

Yes, Christ proclaimed the truth to dead people. Because they needed life.

And since you are alive, don’t act like dead people. Little time remains. Live and act as God has designed and gifted each of you.

And when trials come, don’t freak out. Trials shouldn’t seem strange.

Rather, think of them as joy. Glory. Blessing.

I mean, you could be suffering because of sin. Instead, you have the privilege of suffering as a Christian. Wear it proudly and leave the keeping of your soul to your Maker.

Walk in humility, watch out for the devil, stand firm in the faith. And in the end, your suffering will have seemed like but a moment in time.

For you can be sure of this: the God who called you to suffer in the first place, will soon restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.

Signed, Peter

Well, that’s not exactly what Peter said. Read his first letter, and you might find something similar and a bit lengthier. A strange letter to persecuted Christians perhaps. Yet “somehow,” Peter knew exactly what they needed to hear.

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6 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the Persecuted Christian

    1. Yes, it is sad. But I guess we shouldn’t be surprised, considering how many times the Scriptures predict persecution and instruct us regarding how to respond to it. Persecution is to be expected when we follow Jesus.


  1. “Be ready to explain yourself, because people will ask questions. Always speak with kindness. It might stop them in their tracks. That’s the idea.” So glad I caught this post! Love your words and approach in sharing the words of Peter. Visiting today from #graceandtruth linkup.

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  2. Amen!

    Persecuted Christians are called for such a time as this, and yet there is nothing new under the sun as you have shown with Peter’s letter to persecuted Christians and how pertinent to the persecuted church today.

    Great post!

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