Really, I’m Just Like You

Lest you think I do nothing but read my Bible all day . . .

Hi. I’m a Bible blogger.

I love to read the Bible. And write about it.

But I also have a life.

Sure, I like to fill that life with truth.

Which means I listen to Scripture a lot. Sing Scripture a lot.
Read Scripture a lot. Talk about Scripture a lot. Write about Scripture a lot.

But sometimes my brain is on overload, and I cease to think sane thoughts.

Sometimes all I want to do is anything but think Bible.

So, when given a chance to study the Bible or . . .
day dream, wash dishes, walk to the mailbox, play a game,
watch a movie, catch up on social media, take a nap . . .
sometimes I’ll actually choose that other thing.


Perhaps it’s not always the best choice. But sometimes, it’s what I do.


Because I’m human.

I live a life, attend a church, work a job, manage, clean, cook, plan,
run errands, have friends and family, and feel the pressures of the everyday like anyone else does.

At times, I feel the need to laugh, talk, sit in silence, take off on a road trip, or enjoy something mindless.

Sometimes these things crowd out my time in the Word.

And usually, these things thrust me back into the Word.

No, I don’t read the Bible all day. Because I have to live it.

No, I don’t think the Bible all day, though I often wish I could.

No, I’m not some super-spiritual person who has time for nothing but the Word.

I simply fight to make time for it.

I plan it. Hold myself to it.

Make it more special than other things.

Take drastic steps to protect it.

Because it is my lifeline.

I may be a Bible blogger.

But really, I’m just like you.

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21 thoughts on “Really, I’m Just Like You

  1. I LOVED this post!! Your transparency and honesty were so refreshing!

    I had an ah ha moment when you stated that you don’t read the Bible all day because you have to live it. Very convicting and so true.

    I also appreciated your great desire to be in the Word, know the Word and think the Word.

    Thank you for sharing such an edifying post.

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  2. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I am a preacher’s wife (and I am kinda a preacher myself) and I can completely relate. Just because we are Godly women doesn’t mean we read the Bible all day long. Recently I had a little break down because I had thrust myself so deep into prayer and reading the Bible that days had gone by without me taking any me time outside of the Word. We need to step away for a minute sometimes! Well said sister!


  3. So true! And I do wonder sometimes what my “real life” friends think when they read my posts. My prayer is that the person I portray on-line is completely consistent with the life that I’m living in my community. If there’s a disconnect, I fear that I’ll be doing more damage than good!


  4. I think it’s all those “other” things in life that prepare us to connect with God’s word, ya know? And sometimes I just need that space away to allow things to sink down deeper.


  5. It’s so true that we need to live the Bible. Jesus didn’t lock himself away from all the world until the big day. He was out there in life, and I truly believe God wants us to be as well. It can be hard to balance (that’s my problem at least) and figure out how to do it all, but that’s when GRACE comes in! Thanks for your honest words! Visiting from Coffee For Your Heart!

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  6. Yes, to some it may appear that all we do is read our Bible, when in truth we must live it more than read it. I loved this post and realize that we all have a “life,” Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.


  7. This is a fabulous post! I am not a Bible reader or a church goer. At all. But I do strive in my every day life to be loving, kind, thoughtful, selfless, generous, genuine, and real. Every day. All day. These are my goals. So while I may not root my lifestyle in religion, I so appreciate those of you who do…because together we can make this world a brighter and better and more caring and loving place. Thank you for this insight!

    I would love for you to share your passion with my readers as well. Do stop by and join my On the Edge of the Week Link Up! It goes live every Thursday at 5:00 p.m. EST! Have a blessed weekend!



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